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Curse of the Phantom Shadow (1969)

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The year is 1948. The United States has a new enemy, The Phantom Shadow. Agent 236 to the rescue. An homage to comic books, pulp magazines, radio drama, and movie serials shot in a modern style.

The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold (1969)

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5 IVF embryos embark on a journey to find their mother.

Turn Around (1969)

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After an ominous snag in their plans for a fun weekend, a couple's lives are changed forever.

The Last Act (1969)

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Ailing former playwright must confront ghosts from his past when a suspicious new caregiver begins to take control of his life.

Essex Spacebin (1969)

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Lorraine believes there's a lost portal to another world in Essex. As she explores time and space with her friends and family will she be proven wrong or be vindicated?

The Hurt Business (2016)

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From the producers of 'Bowling for Columbine', 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Generation Iron' comes 'The Hurt Business' which examines the rise of mixed martial arts fighting through the eyes of today's top stars.

We Are the Flesh (2016)

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After wandering a ruined city for years in search of food and shelter, two siblings find their way into one of the last remaining buildings. Inside, they find a man who will make them a dangerous offer to survive the outside world.

Audrie & Daisy (1969)

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A look at the effects that online bullying has on the lives of teenagers and their community.

Layla M. (2016)

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A teenage Muslim growing up in Amsterdam becomes radicalised.

Tell Me How I Die (2016)

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When a group of college students take part in a clinical drug trial, an unexpected side effect of the...

Please Stand By (2016)

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A young autistic woman runs away from her caregiver in an attempt to submit her manuscript to a writing competition.

Slay Utterly (2014)

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"Slay Utterly" is a modern adaptation inspired by the infamous 1912 ax murders in Villisca, Iowa. At...

Infinitium (2016)

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In a world of darkness and fear, ruled by mercenary's and savages, the search for the ring of INFINITIUM, has led a girl and her friends to a forsaken land, after discovering the secret of the ring, she must reach safety.

Class Rank (2015)

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Two high school outsiders get more than they bargained for when an overachieving girl convinces a quirky nerd to run for the Board of Education in order to abolish the "class rank" system in place at their local high school.

The Canterville Ghost (1969)

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An American family moves in to the Canterville Chase, a London mansion that has been haunted by the ghost Sir Simon De Canterville for 300 years.

The Secrets of Emily Blair (2016)

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Desperate to save his fiancee from a demon that has possessed her soul, a man turns to his longtime priest for help.

Essex Spacebin (2017)

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Lorraine believes there's a lost portal to another world in Essex. As she explores time and space with her friends and family will she be proven wrong or be vindicated?

Eye IWatch (2016)

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Beverly Shaw decides to move into the Ritz Manor with her daughter Mary after leaving her ex-boyfriend Conrad...

Lovesick (2016)

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Dash is 33, broke, depressed and still in love with his ex, Lauren, who suddenly gets engaged. It all seems hopeless until he meets Nora - a spontaneous and unforgettable woman. But timing is everything, and Nora's not going to wait around.

Elvis: The Legend Continues (2017)

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Elvis left a legacy: the music, the dream and the legend. The world wide "league" of Elvis Tribute Artists come together to explain how they do it and what's the reasons that drives them to keep Elvis alive and to continue the legend.

Six Pack Sam (2017)

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Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a notorious serial killer, Jessa Dixon awakens from a coma to learn her father committed suicide...

Painted Horses (1969)

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A young teacher with a storied past must win over an impossible collection of kids and become a balm in a troubled town in need of healing.

The Last Face (2017)

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A director (Charlize Theron) of an international aid agency in Africa meets a relief aid doctor (Javier Bardem) amidst a political/social revolution...

The Book of Love (2017)

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Henry is an introverted architect. After the death of his wife in a car accident, he sets out to help Millie, a homeless teen, to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic.